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Weekly Meal Delivery

    • Please place your orders by Friday at 11:59pm for the following week's delivery.  

    • If this is your first order, please ensure you have completed our meal delivery info sheet. (You only need to submit it once.)

    • Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

    • We look forward to serving you. Be well!

It's all in the Details!

Scratch Made /Local Ingredients

All of our food is made from scratch. Please inquire about any food allergies or preferences as we can make accommodations. We work with local farmers to ensure that we can source as many fresh, locally sourced ingredients for our menu items.  We offer organics whenever possible and always all natural farm-fresh produce, fresh caught seafood and free range meats. Due to the sourcing of our food, we may have to switch an ingredient if it is not available at time of order. You will be notified in advance if this occurs


Please place your orders by 12noon on Saturday prior to the delivery week.


Ordering Options

Weekly Individual Meals

Orders are priced per meal at $7.50/meal and can be ordered in groups of 5 . There is currently no option for single meal orders.  If you order 5 meals, you will receive one of each of the listed menu items. Please inquire about special situations

LARGE MEALS include an additional 4 oz of each of the items listed, per meal


Family Meals

Ready to Heat (RTH -Prepared meals, delivered cold):  These options are premade and delivered at the start of the week. With this option, you can choose any meals from that week’s menu. They will be delivered to your session on Monday morning and will include heating instructions.

Gluten- Free Kids Meals 

Our Gluten-Free,  Kid-friendly options allow you to mix and match items to make the lunch options that work best for your little ones. You will receive all of the listed items packaged in individual containers. You have the option to use the containers of your preference to keep their lunches at the proper temperature. We recommend these options for children 10 and under. 


We deliver RTH meals to your meeting location at the designated time.If for some reason you will not make it to the delivery location, please notify us of other pickup/delivery needs no less than 1 hour prior to scheduled delivery time.  This ensures that your meals are left at our kitchen to ensure they remain at the proper temperature.  If someone from your group will be collecting your meal on your behalf, please notify us to allow us to release the meal to them. Without your consent, we will not release your paid meals to anyone else.

Cancellations/Menu Edits

All cancellations must be made in writing (via email is fine) 24 hours prior to scheduled delivery time. As we give you until Saturday night to place your order for the upcoming week, please keep in mind, that gives us just over 24 hours to prepare and deliver your meals. As a result, we ask that any edits/exclusions, etc to menu be made via phone so that we can ensure we receive your updates. Refunds will be addressed on a case by case basis.


Heating Meals

Most meals can be reheated in their delivery container however we encourage you to use a conventional oven or stovetop and to add items to glass or ceramic dishes before heating.  Reheating instructions will be listed on delivery menu



Full payment of meals is required by cut off time on the Saturday prior to that weeks delivery. Once you select your options on our website, you will be able to make payment directly on our site via credit card. All orders will have a 7% Florida Sales Tax added. If ordering individual lunch meals and family dinner meals, you may select and pay for all meals at once. Please ensure that you choose the correct option of RTE or RTH meals



Meals are made fresh just before delivery and can be stored for up to 5 days in your refrigerator. We advise that you take them home and store them right away or bring a cooler to store them in upon receipt.


Allergies/Dietary Restrictions

Please discuss any severe allergies, dietary restrictions, etc when booking your order. While we work to ensure that we are aware of every ingredient in every item we prepare, we want to ensure that we discuss with our farm partners any issues that could be a concern in storage, transport, etc.

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