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About Blue Sage Cuisine


Born in Cali...Moved to Florida,. Started Cooking for the locals. Found an amazing team that wanted to serve. Voila! Swing by the Media page to see a little more.  


Locally Sourced, Scratch made, Preservative free FOOD. Actual, real food. 


We started in 2013 and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.  (This pic in the background was our first event. we've grown)


It's simple really - I was sick and Food HEALED me. I wanted to share good, clean food with everyone so they wouldn't have compromise for their special days.


We're based in Jacksonville, Fl but we will come wherever you are.  Seriously. 


We ask what YOU WANT and create custom menus to match your unique event!  Tell us about your event here

Our clients can tell you a little more about us...


The Experiences

Robin P.. Mother of the Bride

" Jasmin, thank you again for taking care of us so DELICIOUSLY last week at Briana and Lex’s wedding. The food was great and enjoyed very much by our guests!! You were such a great help with details and executing a plan..couldn’t have pulled it off without you. 

I look forward to using Blue Sage Cuisine again, hopefully very soon."

Amelia D,  Aunt of the Bride

"A huge shout out to Jasmin and her crew for the totally tasty spread under challenging circumstances at the Rachel and Tim Truelove wedding this past Sunday. You can give "Restaurant Impossible" a check-off in your book! We are still enjoying those creamy and delicious shrimp and grits! We love Blue Sage Cuisine...You ROCK!"


Karen C. , Guest of Honor

"The food was not only delicious but so beautifully presented...every bite was like a work of art. The atention to detail and love you cook with is so apparent! Thank you for sharing your gift with us" ​


Lio & Jean B., Parents-to-be

"Amazing, tasty and beautiful are just a few words I can use to describe the wonderful spread of food. Thank you SO much for sharing your gift and helping make the shower so special. I wish you much success in your business."


Kim L., Guest of Honor

"I can't begin to thank you enough. I pray the mega blessings of God on your life, family, career and future. Much love and appreciation for your cooking artistry and selfless serving with a passion of love."

Mary M., Event Host

Jasmin catered a party for my mom's 85th birthday which was absolutely fabulous! One guest stated it was the very best chicken piccata she's tasted in all of her 80 years! Plenty of pleasing pasta, the cauliflower parsnip mash delightful, fabulous fresh salad...Healthy tasty delicious options. Easy, clean setup and delivery. Highly recommend for your own event. Thanks so much for a making it a great day for all!

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